Wedding Event Insurance

They say it’s good luck to have rain on your wedding day but what if it’s an outdoor wedding? Spending a few minutes talking with your Johnson & Associates Insurance agent is time well spent to keep the “what ifs” at bay.

What is wedding insurance?

Wedding insurance is a type of special event insurance (also called one-day insurance) that covers injuries and venue damages. You can create a custom policy that covers things like cancellations, cakes, dresses, transportation, and more. It will even cover some wedding cancellation costs. With weddings (even in Michigan) costing an average of $35,0001 that’s an investment worth insuring.

What does wedding insurance cost?

The short answer is “it depends.” It’s not uncommon to see policies between $150 and $550 dollars, but we’ve seen basic general liability policies starting for less than $100. It’s important to talk with your agent too. Your reception site or caterer may have their own coverage that you don’t need to duplicate/overlap. Ask your vendors for a copy of their policy, then give us a call.

When should you get wedding insurance?

Like many of the vendors you select for your wedding, you should plan on trying to get coverage as soon as possible. Generally, 12 months before your big day is recommended for vendors and insurance carriers.

What does wedding (event) insurance cover?

Typically, wedding event insurance includes these coverages:

Event Cancellation

This covers things like deposits, cake, flowers, rental cars, and the like if you have to cancel or postpone because of unforeseen/uncontrollable circumstances.

Special Coverage

Commonly covered items include bridal gown, tuxedos, gifts, photographs and more.

Wedding Liability Insurance

This standard component covers damages to the venues (ceremony and reception) or injuries to the guests. Most venues require this coverage.

Additionally, special add-on coverages are common that include a variety of things – even including the honeymoon.

What wedding insurance doesn’t cover

While we can cover you, your guests, and your venue from accidents, unexpected damages, and some wedding cancellation costs – there are some things wedding insurance can’t cover. Cold feet on the big day for example. There are some jewelry and semiprecious stone limitations even if attached to clothing. Your wedding rings are likely covered, but perhaps not your engagement ring. Check with your agent to get clarifications.

Not just for weddings

Special event policies are available for hundreds of event types from birthday and anniversary parties to backyard graduation parties and sporting events. If an event at your home will feature adult beverages, have a conversation with your agent. They can guide you in determining if a policy for your event is warranted. At the very least, they can impart some risk-management advice.