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Michigan Requires No-Fault Auto Insurance

Unlike most states, in Michigan, each insurance company pays for their own policyholders’ injuries and/or physical damage.

Drivers in Michigan are also required to carry unlimited, lifetime coverage.

Required coverage includes a component for Personal Injury, one for property protection, and a third covering both Residual Bodily injury as well as Property Damage Liability

To learn more about No Fault Auto Insurance, view the State of Michigan’s Pamphlet.

Personal Automobile

Most drivers don’t think about personal automobile insurance until they get into an accident, but it pays to think about it ahead of time.  Let’s take time to make sure you’re getting the right coverage – not paying for things you won’t use, and getting all the discounts you deserve.  Perhaps most importantly, making sure you’re covered if there’s ever a claim.  Time well spent to get back to driving with a peace of mind.

Collector Car

Collector car insurance works differently than the coverage for your daily driver.  Among the more notable differences, claims are paid out at an agreed upon amount, decided prior to any loss.

Coverage is for cars primarily used for car club activities, shows and parades including:

Antique vehicles: At least 25 years old

Classic vehicles: Less than 25 years old

Street rod/Custom vehicles: Mechanically modified or had the appearance changed from the original stock condition

Boats And Recreational Vehicles

We’ve got policies to cover all your boats and recreational vehicles for property damage, bodily injury, and medical payments.  Call today to get quotes for motorcycle insurance, motorhomes, boats & personal watercraft, trailers, and much more!