Manufacturing And Distribution

CNC Machine bits - manufacturing

Manufacturing and distribution offer separate and distinct challenges and risks. No matter if you’ve been in industry for decades, or you’re getting ready to launch your startup – take a few minutes to make sure you’ve got the right protections in place.


No matter what you manufacture, you need around-the-clock insurance coverage for your buildings, contents, and liabilities.  We can assemble just the right policy to meet all of your needs – from day-to-day operations and also protection from the unexpected


Logistics and distribution are about more than just taking widget A to location B.  We’ll take care of protecting your structures, and everything inside it (inventory, equipment, machinery, etc).  You can stop worrying about the liability for bodily injury, and defense if you’re wrongly accused.

Let’s take a look at your individual needs, and see how we can craft a policy that takes care of all of your needs.  Consider things like a commercial umbrella, workers’ compensation, and commercial auto insurance too, and see if you qualify for policy discounts