Commercial Insurance

Business insurance is just as personal and individualized as personal lines are. We take the time to get to know your business and its needs.  We craft the policy that meets your specific needs.  We can cover everything from criminal activity, data coverage, liability, worker’s compensation, and more.  Below are a few of the most common coverages, as well as a few specialty ones.

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Commercial Property

Even vigilant business owners can’t avoid every potential accident.  No matter if you own your facility, lease it, or work from home your coverage helps ensure your assets are protected from claims.

General Liability

General business liability insurance coverage is a must-have for businesses.  General liability protects your business and assets from potential claims by an individual or business’s claims of bodily injury, or property damage.

Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation is required by law for employers in Michigan.  Policies can be crafted to protect you from both the financial impact of a claim (such as wage replacement), as well as the occupational injuries and illnesses (like slips and falls or carpal tunnel syndrome).

Commercial Auto

Your commercial auto policy covers more than just vehicle damage.  The liability and expenses related to a business automobile should be reviewed to make sure there’s no holes.  Coverage can also make life easier if you ever need to file a claim, or find yourself in need of roadside assistance.  Limit your liability from your parking lot to a courtroom defense.


Contract and commercial surety bonds are available.  Surety bonds provide a level of reassurance to your client that you will perform as expected.  In the event you don’t, it provides a line of credit to rectify the situation for the client.  Specific bonds vary in requirements, so call us today.

Commercial Umbrella

Just like a personal umbrella policy, a commercial umbrella works by providing a level of protection above the liability caps of your existing plans.  They’re very affordable because they only kick in after existing plans to prevent catastrophic losses.  For businesses with sizable assets, it’s money well spent.

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